WhatColor FAQ
[Q] Setup interrupts with the dialog box saying "The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process" or "Error occurred during setup - GetPrivateProfileSection".
[A] Fixed in WhatColor v3.1e.
[Q] WhatColor fails with a General Protection Fault when starting it up under Windows98.
[A] Users of display adapter ATI Rage Pro AGP 2X report this problem. Please send me a problem report.

Temporary solution:

Try to set [Control Panel]-[System]-[Performance]-[Graphics] to NONE or BASIC.

Updating your display driver might solve the problem. Let me know the original and new version number of the driver, if you can work around this issue by updating the driver. The information is useful for other users.

[Q] WhatColor doesn't work for some game software.
[A] Some games use DirectX technology which WhatColor doesn't support right now. Video capture tools and TV tuner software may use DirectX as well.
[Q] Is Macintosh version available?

[A] No, Mac version of WhatColor is not available.

Try ColorCompass.

iPhone and iPad version is also available

ColorCompass for iPhone and iPad

[Q] I would like to customize color names.
[Q] I need other color system than WhatColor provides.

[A] WhatColor 4.60 or above reads color definition from external XML file. You can modify it or make your own definition.