WhatColor - User's Comments

Douglas Gilbertson

I have been using WhatColor for nearly 20 years. As a colourblind person who is into stuff like photography, as well as data charting applications where (apparently) different line colours can be annoyingly meaningful and colour-coded text can lurk nearly invisibly, this little program has proven to be an absolute godsend, making all sorts of stuff possible. For those who didnft find it until after it became freeware, it is a real gem! The option of having it include magnified views of what's around the cursor, always there with no fiddling, is alone worth its weight in gold, both for quickly seeing a bigger, easier-to-discriminate blotch of the colours being checked and for seeing tiny print and other details that might be difficult to spot otherwise. Even more amazing is that after all this time, I still haven't found anything else that does the same job as easily, cleanly and well. Well done!

Not so fabulous has been my experience with recent editions of Microsoft Windows (may be just me?), leading me to switch to using Linux most of the time now. Happily, WhatColor still works as great as ever when running on Linux/Wine, even with multiple monitors.

Many thanks for this tiny powerhouse of a program.(December 21, 2022)

David Wyatt

Hello from UK, I just wanted to thank you for Whatcolor! I have been using it since I registered it on 6th August 2006 and don't know how I would cope without it. I am always making web banners and cannot tell browns from reds and greens, blue from purples, or any pastel colours at all (as you know!!). I see you have created version 5 for Windows 10 (though I have been using v4 though it acts strangely at times on Win10, but still very functional). I have just installed v5 so thank you again for your indispensable program. (Feburuary 11, 2019)

Catherine M Van Steenburg - Artist and Owner: C M V Crafts and Creations -- www.geocities.com/myladybughome

I purchased What Color 4 several years ago. I am one of those rare Women who are totally color blind. When I got a new computer from the NYS Commission for the Blind, the "EVAS" programmers had never heard of it. I told them I could not do with out it. But they were afraid it would conflict with my software. I gave them the website link and they downloaded it to test if it would work well with my "Zoom Text" and other soft ware it did. they were quite impressed and mentioned talking to "Zoom Text" company about it. I am an artist and crafter so it is an essential tool for me every day. I use my scanner and digital camera in combo with What Color 4 to find the colors of clothing and items around the house. Can not thank you enough. (December 01, 2005)

C. J.

I want you to know that you made a wonderful utility. I am a Visual Designer. I basically build User Interfaces for the general population to interact. Anyway, I am color blind (red/green) and this tool has helped me. I was wondering if you will ever be able to make a Macintosh version? (October 23, 2001)

NIck M

many thanks for this 'whatcolour'
it really is a bonus for stuff that i am up to on my pc
i am very gratefull for this as i am sure people around me are going to be relieved, no more constant questioning (July 06, 2000)

Jeffry Blake Johnson - Web Developer, Wexford, Pennsylvania, US, Owl Web Services -- www.owlweb.org

Thank you so much for the WhatColor program. I am somewhat color blind, yet I love colors and in addition am a Web Developer. All of my life I have had a hard time naming colors, or even recognizing some colors. Now, with WhatColor, while within the Computer and Internet world, I can name colors with confidence. (October 10, 2002)

Eric R. - illustrator

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I work in illustration and am very colorblind. Every day I feel like I just barely avoid an embarrassing or job-threatening color mistake...people still can't seem to remember that I'm colorblind, it drives me nuts! This program is awesome. (September 18, 2002)

Steve Thompson - Facilities Manager, Samsonite Corporation, Denver, Colorado

I purchased "WhatColor" from you several months ago, and find it extremely helpful in not only graphics programs but all programs that contain color. Thanks again for a great program. (November 09, 1999)

Oliver.H - animator

Hi, this is essentially the tool I've always been looking for. I even wanted to employ a software engineer to program such a color wheel, great stuuuff
Thank you very much
P.S. would be great to have a Macintosh Version as well, isn't that possible? (August 19, 2001)

JD Bothma - student, UK

Im Red/Green Colour blind - seems like its more deuteronomia (or something like that). I have found many interesting information on the Net but your program is really good! thankyou, it is a great help and, although Im not that much colour blind I still had trouble until I found your program. (June 05, 2002)

John C. - Water Quality Analyst, San Diego, USA

WhatColor is great! Thanks for creating this software.
It gets tiresome to find out that every career that I would like to develop is denied do to my red-green colorblindness. Your software improves my situation. (November 16, 1999)

paul h - communications engineer, at&t labs

i have just installed 'whatcolor', and it is wonderful! for years i've tried unsuccessfully to deal with colors in web pages and powerpoint presentations. with the help of 'whatcolor', at last i can 'see'! (February 15, 2000)

i continue to use 'what color' almost daily. it is a well-designed tool that fills an important need for the 'forgotten minority' of the color-blind. (October 01, 2002)